Vigil Planning

Planning the vigil for your or your loved one’s final days is something that can be done more easily ahead of time – from the initial diagnosis of a terminal condition, through the initiation of hospice services.

There is much at this time of life that has been taken out of your hands:

You may not be able to change the trajectory of the medical conditions that may be in play, for example.   

But we can talk together to find the things you can make choices about – the physical environment, the people who are around you, what the space looks and sounds like, when and where visitors come to  you, who takes care of you – all of these details can be discussed and decided ahead of time.

Perhaps there are options you would not have considered for these final moments: 

  • Are there certain texts, holy scriptures, pieces of music or art, that have been important to you in life, and that you would want to be surrounded by in your final moments? 
  • Are there places you want to visit – or replicate – in the space where you and your loved ones will be gathered? 
  • Are there stories of your life that need to be told? 
  • Or will you want time alone?

There may be physical symptoms of the dying process in these final days that your family will want to be prepared for, and know how to provide comfort for.  If you are feeling pain, what are the signs they can look for, and how can they help ease it for you?  Are there ways to provide physical comfort for dry mouth, hygiene, etc.? 

I would be honored to talk through these options with you and your loved ones, to create a vigil plan that honors you and your wishes for a peaceful and meaningful end of life.  

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