Therapeutic Music

Threshold Singers

Tracy is a member of the Shepherdstown Threshold Singers, a local branch of the international Threshold Choir movement.

Threshold singers provide a beautiful multi-part harmony song experience at the bedside, a capella and in what the Threshold movement calls “lullaby voices”.  The repertoire is unique to the Threshold Choirs, and aims to be a comfort to the loved one and their families without regard to spiritual path, tradition,  or circumstances.

If you would like to attend a practice, request singing for a person in need, or have other questions, please contact us at or call (304) 702-5756.

Certified Music Practitioner thru MHTP

Tracy is working on her credential as a Certified Music Practitioner, through the Music for Healing and Transition Program.

A certified music practitioner is trained to allow the clinical needs of the patient to direct the selection and manner of performance of live music at the bedside. We are trained to observe carefully, and respond to, ongoing changes in the patient’s condition – sensitivity that a CD or TV music channel cannot provide.

The benefits of live therapeutic music* in a clinical setting are well supported by long-standing and ongoing research in the fields of palliative/hospice care, pain assessment and management, and wellbeing for both patients and clinical staff.  If you’d like to read more about the amazing research that has been happening, check out the MHTP organization’s page on research! 

*Certified music practitioners provide therapeutic music, not music therapy. The distinction is important:  music therapy is provided by licensed counselors who use music as a means to engage the patient to meet specific learning or behavioral goals; therapeutic music is geared entirely toward supporting the patient’s current clinical condition, offered to the patient without any expectation of interaction or reciprocity.

Tracy will be certified to offer therapeutic music on the handpan (also known as the Hang drum) and with voice.

Rhythm events for celebrations and other gatherings

For more than a decade, Tracy has facilitated community drumming through her Come and Drum! circles  throughout Jefferson County, West Virginia.  

She is part of a larger collective of facilitators known as the Shenandoah Rhythm Jam, offering community drum circles, drum lessons and special events in venues all over the eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and into Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Tracy also creates unique rhythm events customized to the client’s circumstances and interests.  She brings all the drums and rhythm instruments, set-up, instruction, and facilitation.

Interested in adding drumming in community to your celebration or gathering? Let’s talk!

Book a free 30-minute conversation.

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