Legacy Projects

Photo of knitting project. In a room and hands holding project

What are legacy projects?

These are tangible gifts to your family that carry your stories, wisdom, humor, strength, and hope into the generations to come. They can take many forms:

Some examples of legacy projects can be seen at the following websites:

The Legacy Project and Eterneva.

Ethical Will Examples. 

Memorial Projects

Another kind of legacy project might be the completion of a project begun by the loved one, but never finished.

Are there unfinished crafting projects – construction projects – business projects – that just need a few extra hands to bring full circle?

Is this something the family can work together on? Do you need to bring in an expert with a specific skillset?

The Loose Ends Project

RiverHome Doula Services is an affiliate of The Loose Ends Project, connecting families to skilled volunteers nationwide who can pick up where your loved one left off, complete the craft project, and return it to the family for safekeeping and sweet memories.

Alternatively, if you are skilled at crafts, you can also volunteer to become a “finisher”, serving other families in this manner!

Please reach out if this is something you’d like to discuss, either for yourself or for a loved one.

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