End of Life Doula Support

As an End of Life Doula, I can provide non-medical support to you or your loved one and their caregivers. 

Education about the dying process.

Our culture has taught us to avoid and deny death at any cost.  That culture has created a multi-billion-dollar industry around youth, youth-enhancing, and youth-extending products, medicines, supplements and services, and we are poorer for it in more ways than one: most of us are completely unprepared for the reality of our own death, and that of our loved ones. 

I can help you and your loved ones learn to talk about mortality, death, and dying with steadiness, compassion, and understanding.

This allows you to anticipate and understand what is to come, and to be fully present for your loved one without the shadow of fear and confusion that often accompanies this time of life.

Companion and respite services.

I can be a quiet companion, friendly visitor, or assistant.  Do you need a break from the stress of caregiving?  Do you need an extra hand with errands, pick-ups and drop-offs for medical or other essential appointments?  Do you need help developing a schedule for visitation that recognizes the changing energy levels of your loved one?

Coordination with the hospice/medical team.

I can help organize your daily information so that the medical team has the best picture of your current situation when they visit.  In between visits, are there issues coming up that they need to know about, or things they’ve told you that you don’t understand?  I can help you make those connections so that their time and expertise is honored and maximized.

Building a support network.

If you are overwhelmed and exhausted, you cannot provide their best comfort and care to your loved one.  Are there resources we can draw upon that you have not considered?  

Planning for what comes next.

Sitting vigil in the final days, discussion of options for burial (or alternatives), designing a meaningful memorial service, writing the obituary, making contacts, etc.

A listening ear.

Sometimes you just need to talk.  I’m here.

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